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Food - Your Reataurant for Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food

Our Korean, Japanese, and Chinese restaurant has a delectable menu that will please even the pickiest of eaters. From our 11 different kinds of traditional Korean soups to our mouthwatering chicken and pork dishes you will walk away from your meal full. Check out our menu below for a list of some of our menu items.

Fried Potstickers Korean-Style Seafood Pancake
Fried Mandu Korean-Style Green Onion Pancake

Table Barbecue Menu:
Barbecued Short Ribs Beef Tri-Tips
Barbecued Beef Barbecued Eel
Barbecued Pork Barbecued Chicken
Barbecued Fresh Pork Side Barbecued Shrimp
Spicy Barbecued Calamari
Served with an Assortment of 8–12 Side Dishes

Side Dishes:
Kim Chi Shredded Dicon
Cucumber Kim Chi Dicon
Bean Sprouts Cucumbers
*All meat is pre-marinated and is served to you raw with sides and seasonings. On each large table, there are two large barbecue grills on which you barbecue your meal. You can either do it yourself or have a member of our friendly staff help you! It's fun for the whole family!

Lunch Specials:
11:00 a.m.–3:30 p.m. 
Combination Special Barbecued Short Ribs
Barbecued Beef Barbecued Pork
Barbecued Chicken Sweet and Sour Shrimp
Fried Shrimp with sauce Oyster Shrimp
Mongolian Beef Almond Chicken
Chop-Chae Sesame Chicken
*All Lunch Specials are $6.25; Excluding Combination Special, which is $6.75, and the Barbecued Short Ribs Are $8.50.

Daily Specials:
Monday—Donkatsu, Barbecued Chicken, and Fried Mandu
Tuesday—Chicken Teriyaki, Fried Calamari, and Fried Mandu
Wednesday—Mongolian Beef, Barbecued Pork, and Fried Mandu
Thursday—Donkatsu, Barbecued Chicken, and Fried Mandu
Friday—Fried Shrimp, Calamari, and Shrimp or Sashimi
*All Lunch and Daily Specials Served with Rice.

Assortment of Sushi
1. Kim Chi and Pork in Hot, Spicy Soup
2. Soy Bean Soup
3. Tofu Beef and Vegetable in Hot, Spicy Soup
4. Soft Tofu in Hot, Spicy Soup
5. Fish Casserole with Hot Bean Soup (2 Variations)
6. Crab in Hot, Spicy Soup
7. Shrimp and Vegetables in Hot, Spicy Soup
8. Fish, Shrimp, Crab, and Squid in Hot, Spicy Soup
9. Mixed Fish Raw Soup
10. Sea Bass and Hot, Spicy Soup

Large Variety of Imported Beer, Sake, Wine, and Rice Wine

Come by our convenient location in Sacramento, California, today for a Korean, Japanese, and Chinese meal you won't soon forget.

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